Pediatric Hematology-Oncology - OPD Services


The Centre has outdoor services for all children and adolescents with Cancers and Blood disorders twice a week on Wednesday and Friday.

Patients are encouraged to take prior appointments for OPD services through reception desk. Registration is done at the reception desk and they are evaluated by our clinical team consisting of Pediatric Hematologist-Oncologists and other speciality doctors, counsellor, social worker, dietician and other allied health professionals as indicated.

Procedures like collection of blood sample, flushing of catheters, bone marrow aspiration for OPD and day care patients are performed in the procedure room in the OPD area under all aseptic precautions by trained doctors, phlebotomist and nurse.

OPD area is provided with a toy area, library and a play area to ensure children have a pleasant experience during their visit to the centre. Snacks, tea, coffee etc. can be purchased by patients and attendants in the cafeteria next to the OPD area while awaiting the consultation.