Dr Pratik Surandashe


Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity-WHO

Our centre deals with potentially life-threatening illnesses in the paediatric population. These illnesses cause significant amount of stress to children and their caregivers. Stress of any kind adversely affects the child’s mental health thereby affecting course of disease, treatment compliance and overall prognosis. The department also caters to the mental health needs of the caregivers who are often faced with life changing decisions. The department strives to achieve mental wellness in the children as well as their caregivers working closely with other medical professionals.

We aim to provide high quality, evidence-based care to enhance mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing of the patients and their caregivers.


SERVICES offered In Both Indoor and Outdoor facility are:

  1. Mental status examination and diagnosing mental health disorders.

  2. Psychotherapy in the form of Cognitive behaviour therapy and play therapy.

  3. Grief counselling in liaison with the medical counsellors.

  4. Pharmacotherapy for common mental health issues like depression and anxiety (esp. in children with diseases with a high morbidity and mortality rate)