Pediatric Hematology-Oncology - Inpatient Services


The centre has a 20-bedded indoor facility for patients with blood diseases and cancers. This includes 12 beds in HEPA filtered sharing air conditioned rooms and 8 beds in air conditioned non HEPA filtered rooms.

Patients requiring intensive chemotherapy and/or with neutropenia are hospitalized in HEPA filtered rooms. Those with benign haematological diseases and/or without risk of infections, including children with thalassemia requiring chelation and monitoring, etc are accommodated in the rooms without HEPA filters. The indoor facility has central oxygen supply and patient monitors too. The rooms are child friendly with television.

There is a separate room with a  biosafety cabinet for chemotherapy drug preparation in sterile atmosphere. Additionally. We have a procedure room within the wards, where procedures such as bone marrow aspiration & biopsy, lumbar punctures for intrathecal chemotherapy, intravenous catheter insertion etc. are performed under all aseptic precautions.

Hygienic food is provided by the hospital to all the indoor patients under the supervision of the dietician on duty and food from home is allowed with permission, if required.